Climate for flax


Flax is a long day plant and it starts flowering when length of day is more than 12 hours. Flax as a fibre crop requires a cool humid climate, and accordingly it is grown during rabi seasonin India. For fibre production, flax requires air temperature ranges between 10-27°C and rainfall of 155-200 mm during its growing season. Whereas, flax as aoil seed crop needs about 25-30°C during germination and about 15-20°C during seed formation. Low temperature of 10-19°C and relative humidity of about 76% promotes the stalk height that is the most desirable character in flax.This crop requires 178 mm of rain (spread evenly for 3 months) for higher and quality yield. Drought and high temperature of above 32°C during flowering period usually reduces crop yield.The land should be prepared by ploughing to a greater depth as the roots of linseed or flax seed penetrate deep into soil. Soil should attain fine tilt and become weed free. The soil must be well drained and nearly free from soluble salts, though it may tolerate moderate acidity and salinity.