Climate for Sunnhemp


Although generally considered to be a tropical or subtropical crop, it is drought resistant and has a wide range of adaptation to soil types. A light loam, moderately rich, well drained soil is preferred for its cultivation. An average temperature of 23.0°C to 29.0°C and a rainfall of 170-200 mm during the growing season is necessary. Good land preparations should be made before planting sun hemp for fiber production. Sun hemp is fast growing and generally suppresses weed populations due to dense canopy shading. Sun hemp is typically photoperiod sensitive and flowering occurs in response to short days. Sunhemp is grown during kharif season in north but during rabi season in south. Generally the crop is fertilized with P20 and K20 and N is not added. Seeds are ready for harvest when pods begin to turn yellow in color and the seeds rattle in the pods.